Notice of Annual Members Meeting

Jupiter Reef Club Owners,

See the below notice of the upcoming Board of Directors budget meeting and continuing reading below for notice of the Annual meeting.

This month an important packet was mailed to you. Click here to download the information mailed to you in PDF format.  

This packet includes the second notice of the annual owners meeting, proxy form, notice of budget meeting, and the proposed 2021-2022 fiscal year budget. Please note there is no proposed increase in the annual maintenance fee.

All owners are welcome to attend the annual meeting.

The election is uncontested, and balloting will not be necessary. The three incumbent board members issued their notice of intent to run for reelection. Betty Feigh, Jim Hoyt, and JoAnn Rother will serve another two-year term.

Even though balloting for the board of directors is not necessary this year, it remains essential that you fill out and return the enclosed proxy form back to the association if you are unable to attend the meeting. Please complete the proxy and return to the Jupiter Reef Club at your earliest convenience.

Click here to view the proxy. The proxy can be scanned and emailed to Proxy's can be returned to JRC via mail, email, or by fax(561)743-0577.

Thank you for being an informed JRC owner! Additional association updates are forthcoming. You are always welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns.


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