Annual Meeting & Reminders

Greetings Jupiter Reef Club Owners,

The second notice of the annual owners meeting was mailed to you on March 7th. The complete packet can be viewed by clicking here. Please read the important cover letter.

Election for the Board of Directors

Four positions were open for the election. The open seats on the board are uncontested. Three incumbent Board members, Vinny Augello, Eileen Brazitis, Brian Kincaid, and prior board member, Mark Sartory, will serve an additional two-year term. I am grateful for the board’s time and commitment to improving the association.

Proxy Form to Establish a Quorum

Even though balloting for the board of directors is not necessary this year, it remains essential that you fill out and send the proxy form back to the association if you are unable to attend the meeting in person.

Please complete your proxy form by April 9th if you are unavailable to attend the meeting. Click here to download a fillable proxy. You may return your proxy by mail, fax (561)743-0577, or email it to Thank you to all the owners who have already sent in their proxy!

Tips to Avoid Scams

Multiple owners have recently brought to my attention fraudulent calls they have received alerting them of their timeshares breach of contract and promising to allow you to use your timeshare without paying any maintenance fees. Please be aware that this is a scam. If you are contacted by a company regarding the sale of your timeshare or the promise to eliminate your maintenance fees, proceed with extreme caution. To avoid becoming the latest casualty of scammers, follow these steps to stay free of possible fraud:

1.      Be wary of upfront fees. Legitimate fees are typically paid after the sale from the sale price.

2.      If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Timeshare resale scammers often promise they have a buyer who is ready and willing to pay a lot in order to get you to send money. Be cautious, no one can promise a quick sale.

3.      Don’t wire money, pay in cash, or send a money order, certified bank or cashier’s check. Money sent by these methods is very difficult for law enforcement to help you recover.

4.      Do your research. Don’t be tricked by a fancy address or a professional looking website. Contract the State Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the seller is located, to determine if there are any existing complaints.

5.      Check with your resort. The Jupiter Reef Club does not NOT contact owners with any type of offers to sell, trade or upgrade your ownership. The Jupiter Reef Club has only one onsite real estate agent, Debbra Cates, and an offical sales webpage. For information on resales contact Debbra at (561)743-0185.

6.      Demand everything in writing. Consider having an attorney review the documents before you sign anything.

Please remember that we care and want you to enjoy your timeshare to create many more years of happy memories! We urge you to not be fooled by these companies and to contact your home resort before falling victim to a timeshare resale scam.

We Need Your Cooperation

The Rules and Regulations of the Jupiter Reef Club permit use of the facilities by unit owners at times other than during their week of ownership. When visiting for the day please remember to adhere to the non-resident owner use policy.

Non-Resident Owner Use Policy and Procedures

Non-resident owners (NRO’s) are those which own units but wish to use the facilities at times other than during their ownership week.

The privilege to use the facilities at times other than the week you own is extended to the owner (named on the deed) and three other guests or family members.  (For example, if the NRO visits the property with spouse, the NRO may bring only two guests or other family members. If the NRO and spouse bring 2 children, no guests are permitted.) This is regardless of how many unit weeks owned by the NRO.  If the NRO own multiple weeks the NRO is still limited to four guests including the NRO.

Upon arriving on site, you and your guests are required to first register at the office. The non-resident owner will be required to provide photo identification and daily wristbands will be attached in the office to each guest.

The owner must always be present when their guests are present. They may not register their guests and leave the premises with their guests unattended.

It is expected that in addition to following the rules and procedures, all owners and guests use common sense and courtesy when at the Jupiter Reef Club.  All owners and guests are here to enjoy the beautiful facilities and surroundings without negatively affecting the experience of others.

Thank you for being a valued Jupiter Reef Club owner. The excellence of the Jupiter Reef Club is made possible thanks to your ownership and commitment. We hope to see you at the Annual meeting. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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