Winter Update

Dear Jupiter Reef Club Owners,

I trust this message finds you in good health and great spirits. What an exhilarating year it has been for the Jupiter Reef Club! If you've recently visited or are eagerly anticipating your next week, we encourage you to stay informed about the latest association happenings.

Completed Maintenance Season Projects

In alignment with the board's five-year capital improvement plan, we successfully executed several projects aimed at enhancing your experience at the Jupiter Reef Club. Each project prioritized longevity and durability, reflecting our commitment to sustainable improvements rather than purely cosmetic enhancements.

Pool and Spa Resurfacing

We conducted a thorough leak test prior to commencing work, identifying and rectifying three minor leaks in the gutters. These gutters were chipped out and new gutter collar and extensions were installed. All old tile was chipped out and replaced. Three rows of 6”x6” blue marble colored tile was added to the waterline and beneath the gutter wall with a non-skid blue cap tile surrounding the perimeter of the trench gutter system.  The additional row of 6”x6” tile provides for an easier to clean surface while providing a seamless transition from the back pool wall to the paver edge. The spa was tiled with nonskid 1” glacier colored tile on the bench and matching blue marble tile on the water line.

The pool and spa now boast an elegant resurfacing with an exposed quartz aggregate pool finish, SGM super blue, ensuring both aesthetics and durability. We appreciate your understanding during the temporary closure.

Paver Resurfacing

The 4”x8” paver bricks on the patio and around the pool were all replaced in coordination with the pool and spa resurfacing. The pavers were over twenty years old, and salt exposure had deteriorated the finish making the pavers uneven and unsightly. There were several unlevel areas susceptible to ponding water. The paving contractor surveyed the area to ensure an adequate slope was established to provide for drainage. A new trench drain was added in front of the grill area and the stairs East of the gazebo.

A three-piece concrete Belgard paver in the color Napoli was installed in a pattern carried out symmetrically throughout the patio areas. A matching remodeled Seville coping paver was replaced around the pool and spa edge. Many owners have complimented the lighter color and larger paver style.

Data Network Infrastructure Upgrade

To meet modern technological demands, we upgraded the forty-year-old coaxial cabling with CAT6 and fiberoptic cabling. This improvement not only facilitates ultra-high definition smart TV services but also supports a new CCTV security camera system, upgraded WiFi access points, and a new 4K webcam showcasing the beach's everchanging beauty.

New larger televisions were installed, and all televisions are now ultra-high definition smart TV’s equipped with voice activated remotes. In addition to a multitude of cable channels to choose from you may now select complimentary on demand movies and shows or simply switch to the smart television to log into your favorite streaming apps.

A new webcam has been added! This new 4K webcam provides an exceptional image of the beach looking North. Equipped with long range infrared night vision this webcam is sure to prove to be a great testament to the everchanging coastal conditions while providing a secondary vantage point of our spectacular sunrises.

B and E unit Balconies

The balconies on the B and E units are part of what make the units especially enjoyable. Since the establishment of the Jupiter Reef Club only cosmetic repairs had been made. Wooden balconies on B16, B17, E20, and the west balcony on E14 were carefully demolished and rebuilt. The incorporation of fade-resistant composite decking and cedar support beams ensures not only aesthetic appeal but also structural integrity. The discovery of a seven-foot section of a concrete tie beam during the demolition of E20's balcony prompted swift action to ensure structural soundness. E14's South balcony construction has been postponed until the 2024 maintenance season due to the concrete tiebeam repair required on unit E20’s balcony. The structural improvements ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience for owners.


Underlining our commitment to your comfort, all bedrooms now feature new coastal-style furniture constructed from solid mini wood, designed to withstand heavy use. The introduction of larger wall-mounted smart TVs and nightstands equipped with easy access outlets complements the refreshed and inviting atmosphere.

Thanks to the great teamwork of the JRC staff the transition to the new furniture was a smooth one. The old bedroom furniture was donated to House of Hope in Martin county and Faith Farm Ministries.

All units are equipped with a welcome book. This welcome book serves to introduce you to the area and all the local attractions while providing you with necessary information regarding your stay. The welcome book is now available in digital format and includes a short history of the Jupiter Reef Club.

Resales and Rentals

Celebrating the success of the Jupiter Reef Club, we are delighted to report that a significant number of unit weeks—approximately sixty-eight—have been sold in 2023, with fifteen owned by the association. This represents a robust 4% resale rate. Additionally, twenty-seven unit weeks are currently under contract to be sold. We extend a warm welcome to all new Jupiter Reef Club owners. For additional information and to view all available listings please check out the sales page.

As for rentals, there has been a notable shift in the trend, with more owners choosing to occupy their weeks. In 2023, a commendable 52% of unit weeks were owner-occupied, marking the highest percentage in the past five years.

Collections Status

We're pleased to report that 97% of maintenance and taxes for the 2023-2024 fiscal year have been collected, ensuring the smooth operation of the property. It's important to note that owners delinquent in their maintenance and taxes are not permitted to use the property, and their weeks are made available for rental to recoup unpaid fees.

In closing, the Jupiter Reef Club board of directors and I remain steadfast in our commitment to maintaining and increasing the value of your vacation ownership. We strive to balance fiduciary responsibilities with the progressive enhancement of interiors, building structures, and common areas. The excellence of the Jupiter Reef Club is a testament to your ownership and commitment, for which we extend our heartfelt gratitude.

Wishing you continued joy and satisfaction in your Jupiter Reef Club experience!

Warm regards,

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