November Owners' Update

Jupiter Reef Club Owners

I hope this update finds you well. The Jupiter Reef Club has been enduring and overcoming the pandemic, construction, and volatile coastal conditions. Thank you for your remarkable patience during this time of property restoration! This update will bring you up to date on association business.

The notice for an upcoming board of directors meeting can be viewed at the bottom of this post.

Thankfully, major reconstruction of the main seawall was completed in July. The video below chronologically depicts work from July through last week.

Given the age of the previous seawall, the advanced stage of corrosion of the sheet pile and the results of a structural evaluation concluded a replacement structure was required. Without completion of our seawall project the property may have been compromised by the wave events encountered this year.

The Jupiter Reef Club’s new seawall utilizes a combination of sections of sheet pile for the footer, grouted rock anchors for vertical and lateral support and a cast in place concrete combination of footer cap and upper retaining wall. The seawall was constructed and designed to maintain the minimal amount of eastward encroachment.

The best is yet to come!

Upon completion of the eastward portion of the seawall the need to mitigate wave overtopping was addressed. On August 12th the Board of Directors approved a change to install an 8-inch by 16-inch concrete beam across 160 linear feet to elevate the upper patio and correct inconsistent grade that has contributed to ponding. Currently this additional work is nearing completion.

New pavers have been delivered for the upper patio deck. The contractors are working to ensure proper slope is achieved prior to paver installation.

Unit A1’s private East deck was required to be removed to allow for access to seawall construction. The East deck of unit A1 and C31 are being replaced in coordination with the paver installation. All owners and guests occupying unit A1 and C31 are being notified of the ongoing unit deck replacement.

The replacement railing for the main seawall has been designed, fabricated, anodized and is ready for installation. Prior to railing installation a ground penetrating radar scanner was used to identify the embedment depth of the top cap rebar. This will provide precision to core drill the railing post and avoid rebar impairment.

The new railing has been designed for the seawall structure, environmental conditions, and to increase your view from all angles of the patio. The elaborate design includes solid flat bar aluminum post, extruded aluminum top cap, and horizontal stainless-steel cabling. To prevent future chipping paint on the post, the board of directors unanimously approved to have the post anodized rather than powder coated. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that provides a corrosion resistant finish.

The North parking lot seawall reconstruction is complete. The North parking lot is now reopen for residing owner and guest reserved parking. A new 137 linear feet sheet pile wall has been constructed as designed for a fifty year life. The parking lot now has new asphalt and seal coat for smooth seaside parking. The deteriorated parking lot railing was required to be removed for the seawall construction and has been replaced with a like kind marine grade white railing .

The South parking lot seawall reconstruction will not begin until the upper patio deck restoration is completed.

At this time property parking is limited as the South parking lot remains closed for contractors staging.

The Jupiter Reef Club is continuing to instruct the contractor to complete the main seawall upper patio restoration and parking lot seawall project as soon as possible.

Inclement ocean conditions continue to be a constant variable in the rate of progress. This September and October the Jupiter Reef Club experienced unprecedented wave overtopping. The cause was a combination of a perigean spring tidal event and tropical systems in the Atlantic. September 20th-25ththe ocean nearly swallowed the pool while putting the new seawall to the test. The video below depicts the historic ocean patio flooding.

During these coastal conditions every effort is made to secure the property and rapidly restore the common areas. Though inclement ocean conditions have occurred frequently this year pool area patio flooding from wave overtopping is uncommon.

Many owners are using their weeks. In the event an owner is unable to use their week units are continuing to be rented each day. Do not hesitate to contact the front desk if you would like to place your unit up for rental.

Units are selling. Approximately seven units are sale pending. Two Association owned units are sale pending. The current list of association owned units available for purchase is provided below.

All units for sale can be viewed on the sales page by clicking the sales tab at the top of this page.

Palm Beach County has reopened all parks, attractions, and museums. A facial covering ordinance remains in place. At the Jupiter Reef Club social distancing and enhanced cleaning is routine.

The Jupiter Reef Club wants all guests to feel safe. All units at JRC are thoroughly disinfected prior to your arrival. The check in process has been streamlined to reduce contact and maintain social distance.

Jupiter Reef Club owners like you share the vision of the magnificence the Jupiter Reef Club property will become. Jupiter Reef Club is the furthest seaward property in the vicinity. Offering a peaceful intimate seaside retreat is our specialty. The Jupiter Reef Club’s oceanfront experience offered by our location, attention to detail, and unparalleled attention to our owners is unable to be replicated.

Thank you for being a valued owner during this transition. The Board of Directors and I are dedicated to maintaining and improving the marvel that is the Jupiter Reef Club. We will all persevere and overcome these challenges together. Considering Jupiter Reef Club’s property’s long history (dating back to the 1930’s) this phase of reconstruction will soon become a passing memory.

I look forward to continuing to improve your ownership quality and enhance the value of your one of a kind week in paradise. I am always just an email or phone call away if you have any questions or comments.


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